1. I grow with coco amended with organics. I reuse it over and over. I run Dr. Earths home grown, flower girl, and worm casting. I have been using the same coco for years. I rinse the coco from the roots , amend again and let set for a few weeks. Works great

  2. Trey is the man! Stay strong on the synthetic nutes Trey! I can see it on your face every time it’s brought up. You know those organic nutes people are making exaggerated claims about what organic cannabis is. Much love 🇨🇦 14 year grower here. Tried organics and it was an eye opener.

  3. MUCH LOVE & RESPECT CL TV & THE GROWMIES ALL OVER THE WORLD! You’re positive vibes are felt from there to here in Northern Cali. That Is appreciated y’all. I embrace the passion y’all put into your work. All efforts put into sharing the endless knowledge is important and very useful for so many. Thank y’all! The hater is a disturbed soul and the hater hates himself, but loves the negative way.

  4. Can’t believe people show up to the live show just to comment on the fact you guys wear glasses. Do they not realize we have no control over the strength of our eye sight? We don’t just wake up one day and say I want to wear glasses everyday. It’s not a fashion item we can’t see clearly. That’s like saying people in wheelchairs only have them cause it’s a fashionable chair😭 grow up and let people have access to healthcare

  5. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have made it through my indoor grow last spring. You guys are awesome and I'm forever grateful for all your help. You are phenomenal people. Thank you again! (mistresscannabis420 on Insta)

  6. Soooooo the government wants to charge / convict broadcasters on the internet if they are making money. Knew YouTube was screwing into it. Gonna shuy a lot of people down.

  7. I was just throwing my pro mix out but was running out of space to put it and figured i was just wasting it. I reuse all my pro mix now. I dont rinse it. Just add worm castings and re amend it. Never had a problem and yes rob it does seem to be getting better over time. I've saved probably 1k bucks In The last yr alone just reusing it.

  8. “When I flush, is after I wipe.” BEST COMMENT OF 2020!! 🤣🤣🤣 ah you guys crack me up, thanks for another great episode boys 👊 got me talking out loud to myself joining in the conversation. Good thing it’s like 4:30 am and I’m in my grow shed, no one is around to hear me hysterically laugh and discuss growing alone to YouTube 😜

  9. Haven't listened to it all… but could I just dump all my pots soil into a bin… mix it up and reamend, and give'r shit in a few weeks? Would mixing or tilling it all up in a bin fuck all the microbacteria up? That was my idea… Using living soil…

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