Repotting marijuana plants from 2 to 5 gallon pots – Grow week 9

Up-potting by small pot size increments promotes dense root development. The change from indoor 18 hour lighting to outdoor lighting will immediately induce …


  1. I lost a few white roots at the very very bottom of my adult female when I transplanted her into a Large Pot. Will that screw things up? Or will it Heal? Just a little bundle of white roots got torn when I wriggled her loose :/. I Hope I didn't fck myself!

  2. So transplanting in stages allows the roots to get stressed/over-bound to the point that they're suffering and then feel released when you repot. It causes the roots to panic and spread faster with joy once they have their freedom, and they're more adaptable and thirsty than if they were born with a silver spoon in their mouth, aka growing up in their final pot!!

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