Real Cannabis Vs. Weed-simulations – Marinol or Sativex

What is Marinol? What is Sativex? How do these pharmaceutical-produced pill compare with regular Marijuana? Today on Lex’s World we discuss effectiveness, …


  1. U couldnt be more wrong, it cured my lack of apetite, helped me sleep, felt great and euphoric, and mi insurance covered it 100% so i saved so much money by not smoking my medical marijuana. Get your facts straight idiot

  2. I absolutely would prefer to use the real thing but due to my work having a zero tolerance policy this is a safe alternative. Also easy to get as I had cancer. The cell makeup of dronabinol is just different enough from the real thing that you can tell the difference in a proper pee test. At least this is my understanding. I have 5mg Rx and I just double my dose when I take it. Pretty much the same affects as an edible.

  3. In Arkansas my doctor recommended marijuana medical marijuana I was approved for my card that have not received it yet when will when will Arkansas start sending out cards and opening up dispensaries December 2018 is the time right now so when can I get my card

  4. LOL where do you live where marijuana is cheaper than Marinol I have a prescription for both marijuana cost me $40 a day the Marinol is free I have a prescription for sativex as well but that is $300 a month

  5. Marinol us great forpaying drug tests while using cannabis, but not great medically.

    I don't have experience with Cesamet, which you ignored.

    Sativex is whole plant extract and contains all cannabinoids. They only lost the measurements of the and cbd (1:1 ratio) for regulatory reasons

  6. I take Marinol 2.5 mg b.i.d.
    It's taken to help me with appetite and nausea. I lost my stomach due to gastroparesis, and have a J PEG Tube for most of my nutrition, due to malsorbtion issues.
    Even though medical Marijuana is available for legitimate medical use in my state, I cannot take it, due to drug policy at work. However, they will allow me to take Marinol. Go figure! !
    Go figure!

  7. I am so glad I came across this. I have a condition that requires the use of an extra anti-nausea medication, so my Specialist just placed me on Marinol. I asked the regular Million questions, but not the campareson cause where I live its of course Illegal. But he never explained all of the stuff it is missing either. wow 😲

  8. I'm so happy I came across this channel. I enjoy a lot of the weed related channels on youtube, but this one is different. I think Lex is a big part of that, one of the best hosts on this subject. I very rarely check my subscriptions for new uploads, but I have for this channel. Looking forward to the next blast of information!

  9. Cheers for the info bro,had never heard of this synthetic drug, I'm from the UK, and if it's only used for Cancer AIDS that's probably why. I'll stick with the Sticky and keep banging my drum for Legislation in the UK ✌🏼️🇬🇧 #LCC

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