Q and A about Cbd Oil for Joshua's Autism

This is a little video to answer some of the hundreds of questions I’ve had about Joshua’s journey with CBD oil for his autism. If you haven’t watched my previous …


  1. hi! i loved watching your 1st video. i love the follow up video. i went to savagecabbage but i didn't see the "advanced" formula. do you only used the "advanced" formula for Joshua? thank you so much!!! XO to you & your family

  2. Be aware of sellers passing hemp seed oil off as anti anxiety and pain relief, there is no cbd in the seeds only the plant matter, look for full spectrum cbd oil. They do mix cbd into hemp seed oil or there is flavorless that uses coconut oil. Unfortunately when there is profits to be made, morals sometimes take a back seat. Big pharmacy is spending big money to keep this out of the people's hands, again a profit, moral situation.

  3. Hello very impressing joshua case my son has de same type of autism as joshua since 18 months o birth and i have tried everything and made him all kind of studies even medicated and have no truly results when i saw joshuas video it was like i was looking at my son, his 4 now and i dont see much progress thats why im looking for cbd can you help me with dosage for his age (4 yro)

  4. Did you try any other type of protocol or diet in addition? Glad to see it's working for him. My Daughter did not have much difference from cbd, but perhaps if we tried this other brand. She responded to GAPS intro though. God bless and thank you again.

  5. I am just so happy you and your family have found help with CBD oil. My niece is on the autism spectrum and suffers greatly with anxiety and aggression. She’s turning 18 this year so it’s scary to think what the future holds for her. I’m definitely going to discuss this with my sister tonight! I know it may not solve her problems, but if it gives my sister hope that’s all I can ask for. The doctors are all about the prescription drugs…which unfortunately have not helped. So I think we need to focus on alternative therapies too. Thank you again-I look forward to hearing more from you in the future-
    Susie (United States)

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