Pusha T Supports California's Prop 64 on Marijuana Legalization

Pusha T’s PSA For Legalized Marijuana In California. President Push continues to use his influence to encourage political action.


  1. These people do not think with their minds, their thoughts are clouded with escaping reality by smoking a drug put all their time and effort into legalizing a drug just so that they can get out of reality

  2. Here's the thing, I don't use anything. Imma good little Christian boy. Yet I still agree. The war on drugs is a dumb one. Legalizing it puts control of it into hands that will safely monitor it all. It puts dealers practically out of the job and practically hand growers a governmentally insured jobs. Sure there will be some illegal shit out on the streets but who the fuck would ever buy something illegally when they can do it safely.
    It also stops people from being put in the slammer.
    I mean Jesus come on. Those are my tax dollars feeding these guys because they got busted with some weed. Just let me out and get a jump on the weed market. Boom unincarcerated and ready for honest work. Sounds like a win win to me

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