1. Congratulations ???? on your successes with Jackson ?? one tiny little criticism I don’t necessarily like the fact that you imitate him ? saying that he flaps and stims and your audience will relate I’m sure ! Hope he’s still making phenomenal progress ♥️God Bless

  2. First mam I'd invite you to my video entitled "is CBD being suppressed" you'll hear me speak of my severely challenged adult children & thier truely miraculous results!! Natures Nutrients is the 9th and final CBD we've tryed & settled on!!! No chemicals used in the extraction process!! It's cold pressed! No carrier oils added!! It's unfiltered!! It's considered a full spectrum oil!!!!! It's Purity is the ultimate!!! And the standard 2oz bottle is $60 on the net! Show me a CBD of this quality for under $100!! I've done my homework folks!! ☮️

  3. Have a son he is 4yrs d have ASD I m from holland , I trying the cbd full spectrum from medihemp bud has 2,5% is that enough ? 2 times a day 3 drops?? Which one is better for him and which doses plies ?

  4. hi,i'm living in UK and I was trying to order the 750 full spectrum in uk website but doesn't have the full spectrum with thc, can I order from usa and be posted to uk?

  5. I have a son that doctor said is having autism.. how can cbd oil hèlp him. He is 4 yrs. And how many drop will i give him in the morning afternoon and evening. How much mg or gram do each drop contain?…

  6. My son is severe autistc nonverbal ..16 yrs old ..also display SIB ? its his 3rd day today with cbd ..and theres no improvemnt yet maybe we have to add more dose??! Can u help us what we have is the cbd spray

  7. Hello great video! My son is 2 and a half and was just diagnosed last week with severe autism. We are going to be starting him on Charlottes Web cbd. He’s 35 lbs and I don’t know what strength or dosage to put him on to start. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  8. My in-laws adopted a kid at 9 months. He was fine til around 2 years old. Allegedly he got a bad vaccine. He screeches all day like an albatross in child labor. They started giving him CBD oil about a year ago and all it has done is swole him up from having the munchies 24/7. He's nearly 5 years old and weighs 80 lbs. He breaks down doors like he's LAPD. He terrorizes the family and has literally threatened to kill them. I asked them WTF kind of TV shows they let him watch. Sponge BOB and Teletubbies. So this kid is TRULY a NBK, and they are giving him dope????? God Save Us!

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