1. Pressure cooking a pork butt takes all the flavor that the fat gives, why not use the roast function? The function goes down to 250 degrees, why not wrap the butt in foil, put on rack and slow roast. I’m going to try it, if it doesn’t work I’ll just throw it in the pressure cooker. Wish me luck, let me know if you have already tried this . Thanks

  2. I have already made this twice in 3 days! My first and third times using the Foodi! It is so juicy and good, my family wiped out my first try and I had none left for worklunches! So easy!! I used Jack Stack meat rub (local KC BBQ restaurant chain, sold at our Sam's & Costco) for the meat, I did brown all sides, I used Tone's Chicken Base in water to make a richer broth, I added a couple tablespoons of minced garlic, a few drops of toasted sesame oil, a teaspoon of Liquid Smoke, 1/2 tsp of brown sugar, a tsp of black pepper and a squeeze of Sriracha.The extras except garlic could be added after cooking. I added some dripping back into the meat after shredding, and I made my own Carolina mustard sauce using a little of the drippings, and I was in HEAVEN! Thanks so much!

  3. I used John's pork recipe a while back and it was great!
    Tonight we decided to use Chuck Roast (5 lbs), cut into 2-3" cubes. I used the sear feature to brown two batches of the cubed meat to get a nice char on the majority, then added little of a can of beef broth to help loosen up the burnt on goodness at the bottom of the Foodi insert, added the remaining broth, added a package of taco seasonings (we're using this for taco's ), stirred everything up really well, added half an onion (cut into medium sized chunks – my wife is not a fan of onions so I keep them at a minimum size… usually). Lastly, added back in the seared beef and set the Pressure Cooker to 80 mins (1:20). I let the Foodi to loose pressure on its own (about 20 mins -ish). Then shredded the heck out of some juicy and tasty beef for 4 adults to make a bunch of taco's – we have a fair amount of leftover beef for a few sandwiches this week.
    IMPORTANT: it probably took the cooker 20 mins to get up to pressure. Plan accordingly as this would be a total (start/finish) of 2 hours (oops… plus the time to sear…no idea how long that took – hmmm… no wondered dinner was late to the table)!!

  4. John, I use a one of those silicone strainer/steaming baskets when I cook meat in the pressure cooker. I can lift all the meat out at one time and leave the liquid behind. So much less to clean up!

  5. I also tried this today for the 1st time….simple and easy recipe…I also tinkered with the rub/BBQ sauce suggestion….I went a little more to the sweet side and the wife loved it….Thanks for this video..

  6. Another great recipe from John ("Jelly007") Sanders – I should have cooked the whole dang thing, but saved half for later. But it tasted so good there were no leftovers (grrrrrrr). Although it pains me deeply to be cooking a beer vs. drinking – I'm VERY into using beer vs water/Apple Cider Vinegar (maybe a Tablespoon – sometimes). I am still struggling with the time it takes for the Pressure Cooker to get up to pressure before the clock starts counting down – messing up with when I THINK dinner will be ready.
    I do greatly appreciate you going back and updating your recipes… it's insanely helpful and just making dinner so much better.

  7. I've been addicted to your Foodi videos since I bought one last week. A little tip for that leftover juice, add some pickle juice, and a little mustard to it, toss it into a squeeze bottle as a good South Carolina style mustard sauce for pulled pork.

  8. Knowing what you know now, would you still do a quick release or natural release? I have found from your videos, doing a quick release on wings is better than doing a natural, seems like they hold together better, but this being pulled pork do you think that the meat will tense up if you quick release after the cook? Awesome videos! Keep up the great work!

  9. John your idea of making a BBQ sauce out of the leftover broth was spot on! Don't remove the fat, Keep it. Add in a bunch of ketchup or tomato paste (whatever you have on hand). A little more vinegar and I threw in some liquid smoke because I don't like smoked paprika. A healthy dash of worcerstershire sauce. I threw in some paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt, chili powder, red pepper flakes, McCormick's southwest seasoning, a bit of cayenne pepper and the juice of a lemon. ( I didn't measure anything). I kept it all in my foodie and put it on sear and kept it stirred. Ended up with a couple quarts or so. As it simmers it may thicken up, you can thin with water or I used more chicken broth. It will make your tongue slap your brains out! Thanks for the wonderful pulled pork tutorial, this was my first and it all turned out marvelous.

  10. Hi Jelly! I followed your method for pulled pork, and it was so tender! The meat practically shredded itself.
    I tweaked the flavors a bit. Instead of using butt rub on the pork pieces, I used a packet of Thai red curry paste. I put that in the pot with chopped onion, a few smashed garlic cloves, and some ginger. After I shredded the meat, I added it back to the liquid and added a bit of coconut cream to bring it all together…it was so delicious!!

  11. I used a different recipe because I didn't pay attention to yours at a time). The recipe called for 0.5-1 c BBQ sauce in the cooking liquid. I highly recommend it. Also it was a bit too much liquid at the end when the pork was ready. I'll put less stock next time. I ended reducing the liquid in the pot on "Saute" mode for about 15 min after taking meat out and added some of it to the shredded pork with additional BBQ sauce. Also it seems to me that cooking pork for 1 hr 30 min is a bit of overkill. My pieces were maybe twice as small as yours, I cooked them for 20 min and did NR for 10 min. The meat was falling apart.

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