1. You can call it what you want but I learned this Technique from an article in Hightimes Mag.published back in I think 1979 called pruning for production, in the article they started at the first set of single lobed leaves and took the smaller one off leaving a1/4 inch piece of leaf attached and each new set of leaves that grew, cut the smaller and leave 1/4 leaf on the end and so on. I did this with 8 plants and time I changed the lights to flower mode I had 8 plants that flowered out into 8 giant buds that ended up being 2.5 feet tall with a minimum of stem and waste material.

  2. New sub . With a question . No one answers , I’m a first time grower man and I need to figure out a major problem . I started the plants in stupid miracle grow .. cringe … I have all the right stuff now , coco and co post and soil and perlite moss and V. … but will it kill it , it’s 2 inches wide day 9 .. it has a set already and is moving away from seedling to veg , it’s moving away from the cotyledon,, I wanna switch soils .. is that a thing

  3. How many time do you do this and for how long, ? i am in canada and growing crown royale (blueberry x purple kush) and also White widow, from seed, using deep water system. my seedlings are now 30 days from seed.

  4. BIG Kush ✌ respect brother. i see a lot of negative comments on this video!? hater's gonna hate. i sir want to say thank you for the tip I'm going try it i love training for wait ☝🤓💨. Weight 👈

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