Producing THC using GMO Yeast (ft. Kevin Chen) – Biohack Chat #5

Today we’ll be having a chat with a very special guest, Kevin Chen. His company, Hyasynth Bio, has been engineering a special strain of yeast to produce …


  1. This is literally the first 2 hour video I’ve actually never had trouble sitting through. Awesome stuff ! Mind blowing information… I could watch these as opposed to 2 hour joe rogan podcasts , even tho joes got some great stuff as well .

  2. Man if someone ever steals some of this yeast and lets it spread on the market, all country bans for cannabis/THC would just be made moot, that proposition both scares and excites me (because you accidentally make THC beer, but also hell yeah).

  3. The Thought Emporium: LSD could work by messing with lysergide peptide synthase, so that instead of alanine it uses diethylamine as second substrate. as it lacks a c-terminal end there is no need to "delete" the further steps.

  4. Kevin Chen is incredible! I remember seeing him speak last year at SynBio 4.0 and just was in awe about how he presented himself! He's actually so knowledgable about his field, and keeps this cool, calm vibe. The best part is that he is not scared to give his opinion about the inadequate advances of Synthetic biology in Canada to numerous professionals that are much older than he is. If there is someone I strive to be in my career as a molecular biologist, it's this man. My only regret was being too nervous of speaking to him during that event but I'm sure the opportinity shall present itself again!

  5. People be like "WeEd MaKeS YoU DuMb AnD lAzY" tell that to all the scientists and successful people lol.

    Also, Michael Phelps. Bong rips and gold medals for days.

  6. Hey boys, wish I had caught you live, this is a great show today. I'm one of the old guys (born in 64) I grew up in a moonshine family and I'm very interested in canibis yeast. I run a couple gals. of sugar wash a week for cleaning but donot drink anymore. I cringe when I see my grown children smoking weed because I know the "smoke" is bad for their lunges. Kevin, I'm going to check your site next, really hope to be making a purchase soon. Thanks again guys.

  7. Dude u got great content but i would like to see shorter and more project/experiment oriented videos too. Those were the reason i started watching your channel, i hope u do bring them back in the future sometime.

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