Power to the Patients! (ep.4) Cannabis Cures BREAST Cancer!

October is breast cancer month, and the pink ribbons are everywhere. But do the groups we trust with our donations REALLY conduct research in an effort to find …


  1. Excellent video!! Thank you!! I am curing my breast cancer with high thc cannabis oil and what you say in this vid is SO TRUE!! A great fb group is 'Cannabis Oil Success Stories'..people from all over the world sharing their experiences.

  2. There are way too many people in the world

    That is the base line and you are going to hate it; no… you are going to scream in outrage… and i am only a messenger…I AM ONLY A MESSENGER
    NAy, you are going to have violent COGNITVE DISSOACE convulsions that fart out premises to dodge the FACT…
    EVEN think me the enemy while i have been fighting for legalization sine you were IN DIPERS!

  3. Very interesting information. Have you heard of the "Feed the birds" campaign in the UK? Look it up. In the UK at least, it's perfectly legal to feed birds with all strains of hemp seed (It's just illegal to intentionally cultivate). Strangely, the birds occasionally miss a few of the seeds and they end up taking root and growing. What a terrible shame! Someone recently found a couple of impressive looking plants growing right in the middle of the main shopping high-street in my local town. Winter's coming.. Feed those birds. 🙂

  4. The lie that is surrounding us and we (the people on this planet) are living in is much much bigger than even we Gold/Silver bugs try to imagine. We can only pray that one day when this monetary system (that has created several monster bubbles) drives to hell mankind will survive. I am not sure whether that will be the case.

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