Potency, Flavor & Growth Selections: Indoor No Till Living Organic Cannabis Cultivation

Potency, Flavor & Growth Selections: Indoor No Till Living Organic Cannabis Cultivation is a look at the very beginnings of the personal breeding project I am …


  1. You don't know it's going to be 34% THC. How can you just assume that. Why don't you actually test those plants once they're done. That's the only way you'll know what percent it is.

  2. hey, i really like your channel and i don't even grow this sort of plants(it's illegal for me…). i know it is a old video but did u ever hear about the good effects of THCA? it is the acid for of thc when it dries it decarboxylated to THC. i never tried it because i can't get fresh cannabis plant parts. i have a problem with my shoulder too and would be glad too check out an THCA-Tee (it don't make high it's only for the health). maybe u can check this out , it would be really interesting for me what u think about this.

    i wish u the best for everything and thx for a lot of entertaining

  3. Have you thought of using xl peat pucks for seeding and having some soil that contains readily available nutes right off the bat in the middle so your plants get some nutrients in early veg? Early veg is one of the most important times in a cannabis plants lifecycle and they program their genetics for node placement in the first 4 weeks so you want to keep them as absolutely close together as you can. Close nodes=fatter, denser buds and fatter stems

  4. @GreenGrowSpaces.. i had some seedlinqs start off with purple stems like u see here in the Ghost Train..

    Iknow its just natural in SOME qenetics… but WHAT would cause purple stems in a plant that does NOT have purple stems in its dna? Can u list ALL the thinqs u know of please?..

    calcium & magnesium deficiency,
    Cold temperatures,
    FAN/Oscilatinq Fan trained DIRECTLY on the plants vs AIMED Sliqhtly above the canopy with just a LITTLE flutterinq leaves vs entire plant flutterinq TOO MUCH,

    Thank You.

    Please reply soon.

  5. ever since I started working at a hemp farm and smoking straight hemp buds I realize that THC was never the weed for me and Hamp is a full body mind soul Spirit hi and it's very grounded with Mother Earth thank you

  6. Hey man, if you are developing strains of your own, that’s awesome. I am currently about 3 to 4 weeks away from my first small harvest of two of my own creations. They are identical to each other except one seems to have slipped into flower a week or so faster than the second one. But anyway, they are a Sativa strain and coming up with a sweet name was honestly the hardest task lol. But I think I’ve settled on a good one…
    I call it “Amish LSD”. I just hope it can own up to all the hype and hopes I’ve had for it all season. What sucks though is that since it’s an A-sexual environment, it’s looking as though they might not have offspring. I tried to clone a few branches earlier in the process, but to no avail.

  7. Recently stumbled upon your channel and can't seem to get enough now, lol great work mate. Curious, what inspired you to experiment with this "No till soil"/Cover crop and what kind of benefits does it have? Its the first time I see this and I love the idea!

  8. Do you ever go to an osteopath?
    I was hunched up for 6 months the osteopath sorted me out in 10 minutes well worth the price, I read a while back about osteopathy and the Endocannabinoid system I can't remember it though I'll have to look it up again.

  9. hey Mike, you're baaack,! ya me to, lm wheelchair Marty, lm a new grower Mr grow it used to be my go to guy but u tube cut him short & he was so soft spoken , learned a lot from u too. S.P. my last run & they grew out so nice to bad v8 out of 9 , boys! talk bout luck, so l wanted to ask u .how u sex regular seedlings without growing out for 1 months?

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