Pot Prince Prosecutor Calls for Marijuana Legalization

From Canadian Press: “It was an amazing sight. The U.S. prosecutor responsible for sending Canada’s Prince of Pot, Marc Emery, to a federal penitentiary was …


  1. They know it doesn't work, they have all the statistics to show it. People believe it does work though which was probably their idea all along, or it might have been a convenient byproduct that they keep going because it benefits them greatly.

  2. harper has made it clear while hes in power ..pot will not be legalized . and the drug war will go on and he will implement harder sentencing .if ppl vote for him again ..i will know that ppl dont care about change ..if harper and obama get another term ..you will be nothing more then a number and disposable ..they hate change ..unless it benefits them ,not the ppl they are to help ..they are not our rulers ..we rule them ..they do what we want of them ..not the other way around as it is now

  3. Corpus Delecti.
    Marc didn't commit any crime.
    A crime is defined as bodily injury or property being damaged as a direct result of your actions.
    The act of growing, distributing or using marijuana or ANY drug is Not a "crime."
    Free John McKay and look into Marc Stevens on youtube regarding drug laws.

  4. let karma play with the cowards who turn against the plants on the Earth that has housed (hempcrete), clothed (hemp fibre for clothes, ship sails etc), fed (hemp seeds/oil), medicated (cannabis flower for alzeimers, epilepsy, cancer patients, multiple sclerosis, crohn's), provided energy (most useful biofuel for cars, generators etc) and pulp (save trees that take decades to grow and use hemp that takes 100+ days for 4 times the amount per acre). harper has the integrity of a 14 year old girl

  5. Free Marc Emery, Now!!!
    A real Canadian hero is sitting in an American prison, (with the help of our Canadian Government) and will sit there for 5 years, for selling seeds. And the ex-prosecutor has no regrets.

  6. Just because more and more important people are now publicly admitting that cannabis should be legalized doesn't mean much. Neither the Canadian nor the American government are known for admitting they were wrong about something even if it's senseless and jailing innocents. Don't underestimate the private prison lobbyists. Private prisons are hugely profitable and mandatory minimum sentences are their bread and butter. Coming soon to Canada too now that Harper just mandatory minimum's here.

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