Podcast Ep 046: ANXIETY 101 SERIES – Ep 20 Social Media & The Internet (Nov 2017)

Social media and the Internet have had a major impact on those of us with anxiety disorders. In this episode, Billy and I discuss different ways the Internet has …


  1. funny how appropriate this is for what's going on 3 years later. and now we're being told to stay home. i don't have agoraphobia, i have a fear of having panic attacks while driving. well, i've had this for almost 30 years. soooo… at any rate, i'm not, i suppose making progress, but i do get out and get in the car and drive a bit most days. what i've done re: social media is be extremely selective. i have 10 facebook friends (and remind people all the time that facebook isn't "real life") and i follow certain pages for work and other pages that i enjoy (read: "pretty pictures"). with this foolishness going on in 2020 i have found that while i don't have social anxiety, etc. i find i am even more drained after being around people than usual (yup, introvert).

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