Plant Training Tips to Increase Yield & Quality (🔴LIVE GROW TALK TUESDAYS)

We’ve gone over plant training in the past, but so many of the growmies seemed to need more help with training plants to increase yield and production. It’s time …


  1. Finally becoming legal to grow in South Africa. On my first grow. Im growing Swazi Gold outdoor. Your channel has saved my ass, and taught me more than I could imagine. Cheers from KZN, SA. Keep it up growmies.

  2. Running my first 3×3 3 random plants from friends…. 2 are great one a lil small. What size or timeline in veg should I flip 2 flower?? Rob

  3. Yeah try to trim off the smaller buds and the leaves that look unhealthy. Get the cone growing. When you clone a few plants and get a good strain that you like, you'll probably prefer the shorter, rocket-shaped plants than the taller bushy plants. Wish i had names but this is intell from growing back in the day!

  4. Not legal here in nz yet but we vote this year then we can chill 🌱🔥 , growing is like a recession most people will get through but how did you change the negative out come and grow from this adapt and be better growers and people the world needs it , you only get what you deserve in life by what you put in started at the bottom 🙏

  5. I have a plant in a 15 gallon outdoors in late veg. It's quite bushy but has some whispy bud sites..should i just cut these whispy branches off or can they recover in time to have decent bud??

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