Party Drug That Treats DEPRESSION? | Wednesday Checkup #22

Ketamine is a popular party drug but it has legitimate medical uses and recently an FDA panel voted to investigate it as a potential treatment for depression.


  1. Got curious about the vid he commented at the beginning…went to the channel watched 2 mins of that…now i'm wishing for the at-the-speed-of-light R&D of brain transplants so I can forget those 2 wasted mins of my life… can't believe that Youtuber has any kind of notoriety…

  2. 2:53 I think treatment resistant depression is a lot more common than people are informed I took Sertraline at half the lowest dose for a week and raised it to the lowest dose and the day I did that I got serotonin syndrome, then I was put on Prozac which gave me insomnia so terrible I couldn't sleep at all that night, I got a dna test and I am treatment resistant, and after researching online I see a lot more people advocating how terrible zoloft and other ssris made them feel, on top of this I've seen a few studies saying that ssris affect on serotonin may not be what's causing the antidepressive properties, but it's actually serotonin's effect on the NMDA receptors, I might be able to benefit from Ketamine but I still want to wait until more research is done before I actually try

  3. You're putting out useful information and I just can't help but think; Is there stretchy material in your sleeves cause them biceps are poppin and the sleeves are hanging in there. 🤔
    Who is your tailor?

  4. Dr. Mike, all due respect, but the title of your video alone is problematic considering you have very young viewers in your audience. Please think about reframing the concepts surrounding your videos to be less click-baity.

  5. Please don’t take ketamine without a doctor’s supervision. My son got addicted to ketamine trying to self-medicate. His bladder started to fail, he was throwing up blood, he had to be taken to the emergency room and hooked up to IVs for dehydration because he got so sick that he couldn’t leave his apartment. He ended up in drug rehab to get clean from it. It was extremely addictive. I was genuinely afraid he’d die, but I’m glad he made the right decision to get help.

  6. I’ve been doing ketamine for pain management. It also helped my depression. While I’m able to have access to it , I wish insurance saw this as appropriate way to manage conditions like depression. I’m going to start the nasal spray or troches hopefully soon.

  7. before my brother passed away from cancer , he was on ketamine pain relief, and personally I think his body became used to it because by his last couple of weeks it did nothing to relieve his pain
    Hope this drug can help others though x x

  8. I love how you mention the fact that mental health care is harder to access than it should be! So often in the media we hear “mental health is important!” “If you’re struggling with something see a professional!” “Talk to someone if you need help” and yet seeing a mental health professional for therapy or a mental health care plan is so much more difficult than just getting meds off a doctor! Especially with everything happening in 2020, if people want rates of mental illness and suicide to decrease make therapy easier to access, normalise seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist on a regular basis and decrease the amount of barriers that are put in place. It’s such a ridiculous situation it has to change if we want a more positive outcome with rates of mental illness

  9. That's actually interesting but I can already imagine people misappropriate the spray to get high even more easily… I've seen people swallow methadone syrup to get high so yeah idk. It's a touchy subject.

  10. lol i think dr mike was harsher with his views on weed than he is being now, with ketamine
    this is not just him this is the whole system
    I would love to see a video, a whole video not just an answer, of his views on cannabis and why he was so harsh on it last time

  11. Your ability to be incredibly diplomatic never ceases to astonish me! On the Tana Mongeau vid: "on this channel, we have fun, but we learn, and we couldn't do that with that video."

    You mean to tell me that you can't find educational value in content from someone mind-numbing vapid? Color me shocked!!🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Wow, that system sounds hard… In Finland, you first get an estimation by a doctor, similar to you. They assess your condition, like do you need treatment and what kind of treatment, and if so, who would be the best psychologist (psychiatrist?) for you in their hospital, based on what those doctors are spesialized in and your symptoms. Then they check from their computer when is that doctor available and make an appointment for you. That could be months away, but still sounds easier than the American system… Then you meet up with that doctor 1-5 times so they can assess you further, give you a diagnosis, talk to you about treatment option, prescribe you medication if you want it and again, make an appointment for you to meet up with a therapist who has room for a new patient.

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