Paderu: Inside India's cannabis capital | Economic Times

Here’s the dope on a big business: Nearly 1000 villages devote 10000 acres to a plant used to make a product that commands a price of Rs 40000 per kg in …


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  2. It should not be banned , when it was not a banned plant , in my child hood when it was still not banned, no one cares about it , only sadhus and one or two people in my really big village smokes it. Only non availability made it a big issue. Our politicians and their bureaucrats are really dumbasses .

  3. ye chutiya editor camera utha kar dikha raha hai bhaang ko. ise ne apne ko bada intelligent samjha hua hai. ye soch rha hai ke bada gyaan de rha hai jabki is chomu ko kuch nahi pata. isne kabhi gaanja sungha bhi nahi hoga gaandu ne peena to dur ki baat. aise chutiye hamesha nature ko bhi money economics ki roop main dekhta hai.

  4. Birtish banned marijuana(natural medecine) so they could sell their chemical medecine in india way back in the history……..but now time has changed but the rules aren't ……so sad to say but we still follow their steps

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