Our 2021 Stock Predictions: TSLA, Space Stocks, Crypto and Cannabis Stocks

Now more than ever, it’s important to look forward to 2021 and beyond. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is producing the biggest opportunities in the market.


  1. Thx Paul and Ian. Tesla predicted price for 21 was missed by both of you in this video. I am tracking your predictions throughout the year. Just for the fun of it. Keep up the good work. Dron.

  2. YES we ARE excited about the space industry, funny thing is that we live right by Cape Canaveral and they are constantly launching rockets, we run into our yard to watch them. The whole house shakes when they launch, it is absolutely amazing! VERY EXCITING!!!!!!!

  3. My experience in investing in bit coin has been a difficult process. It's not as accessible as investing in regular stocks thru Ameritrade or Vanguard. If it were much simpler, I think many more people would do so. Is there an easier way, or app without that much restrictions as I've experienced in the past?

  4. Love your insights. I love profits unlimited too. The monthly predictions are so well written. I always look forward to the next edition. Btw, my 28 year old daughter likes that you speak to her generation. I will let her read your book. Thx Ian for all your insights too. I will try to figure out what uniswap is. Have a great weekend all.

  5. Obviously, the same media which thrives in disinformation and survives by hashing controversies, for ratings. Hence, the necessity to block out their noise and consider them a nuisance towards your financial goals. It pays to listen to sages of our time. So many stocks rising almost at the same time, and the semiconductor sector is definitely on fire.

  6. No doubt guys the world is about to change. How can some of the media and financial commentaries not see this?!
    Semiconductors, AI, driverless transport, blockchain, new fin tech like Bitcoin, SaaS companies like Docusign and the new medicine revolution with gene therapies and telemedicine not to mention 3 d printing. I am ALL in and my portfolio is doing just great.
    Thanks guys, you opened my eyes to the future. America is where it’s at!
    Grateful Inner Circle member.

  7. I bought Tesla on Wednesday when it was down to $632.00. Then i sold it on Thursday after reading the article that it would be a disaster for Tesla. I sold it at $650. I still gained $15 each share. Winning.

  8. Thank you Paul and Ian for all the hard work  and effort you put in daily just for us to earn extra money that we wouldn’t have otherwise. The enrollment fee that we paid for the services is totally nothing compared to the benefits  that we get, and to the enormous effort you guys have exerted. Know that it is recognized and greatly appreciated, we hope you know that. 
    Merry Christmas to you Paul, Ian and the entire team You are all always in my prayers.

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