Organic GDP Grow with SoHum Living Soil – Harvest & Grow Summary

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  1. Nice done. S.i.p. Is hard but I have done this in the past with good but small yields. I was easy. They water themselves. I will stick some seeds in the soil this spring and forget about them while I do more important things

  2. Use Neem and Karanja meal as well as insect frass and growkashi in your soil mix. Top dress Neem, karanja, insect frass, oyster shell flour, gypsum, basalt mixed into about a two inch thick layer of worm castings with a full spectrum microbial product and growkashi mixed in. Water it down with an SSTof barley or corn and EM-1. Cover the containers so no light or air can get in. If you do this in the 3rd week of flower you won’t have problems with early yellowing. Also you won’t have any gnat problems.

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