Optimal Nutrient PPM for Cannabis Plants

Dude Grows Show clip from Grow Talk Ep. 1037 The Dude, Scotty and Guru discuss electrical conductivity and parts per million numbers when measuring …


  1. im new grower i did not know ph ,EC and ppm i started make my own soil from the start and it was not legal and easy to get the info i try and failed more than my gains but a wrote it all down and so it was all gains from what i learn from my failures i use pro mix bx= as my base than i shift cow manure and sheep manure compost with my worm castings and i have tout of petemose that i fill with tree leaves and i and insect frass and 2 cups of shredded newspaper 2 hepping tablespoons of eggshells good luck and thank you

  2. Still fighting in prohibition land down here.
    They took hemp flower and cbd vape oil, out of our state mmj "😂" program only 500 are registered throughout the state. With the pharmaceutical companies paying both the Govanor and Lt. Govanor "election contributions" and the police union whispering in thier ear, it'll be another 2 years before the next bill passes.
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  3. So if your using an super soil like fox farm or main etc do you add any micro as the grow goes like for example 4-6 weeks in and use a bloom once flower starts. Thanks for any info kinda new to the project

  4. go ec. thats universal. they say 'ppm' and thats US and thats a 500 scale. they are talking abour TDS and NOT PPM. thats on a 700 scale. so 1.0 ec = 500ppm = 700 tds. don't confuse them they are not the same. they are talking tds in the vid. surprised the guru guy didn't straighten that out. use a 1.2 ec.

  5. Dudes, my last grow I got great results Gaia green top feed. Straight water from the tap oxygenated. No problems never measured ppms. Just my water it was 200. Ppm my results were 🔥. Not sure how high Gaia green brings up the ppms but my plants loved just tap water oxygenated.

  6. That was awesome Dude, helping out a newbie with the free Remo kit, I been using that kit for a few years now and its amazing product, I never grow without using Recharge.

  7. I like to hit the ladies with a stressful 1400ppm dose of straight K around day 46 with 65 day strains. This gives an obvious flavor & aroma boost and also works on tomatoes to increase lycopene. For regular feedings I hit them with 250 to 1100 ppm depending on plant volume keeping osmotic pressure in mind.

  8. Here’s a question ?! I’m new to dwc and was hitting it out of the park until I made a simple mistake and my ph was too low it flipped my autoflower but I didn’t notice it had a problem for about a week little less but it got me to wondering if it stunted in flower would this count as time flowering obviously it won’t matter it’s when the terps look done but does it stop it from finishing if it’s Stunted ?! Just about to become a Memeber and get some recharge I appreciate the help

  9. i have not been able to find an answer to this question. PPM meters are 0.5 or 0.7 settings, but GH and most other the Dutch master that I've found do no specify what setting to use. I was told 0.5 and Dutch are also 0.5 but you said 0.7 so what should i use.

  10. Early veg = 600-800ppm
    Aggressive veg = 800-1000 ppm
    Transition period to flowering = 1000 ppm
    Flowering = 1000-1200ppm
    Last 2 feeds of flowering =1200+ ppm
    Last 10 days of flowering = flush with PH balanced water.

    These are just guidelines that has worked for myself from the past to present. Some strains I have grown is lower some are higher. These are the baseline measurements and I adjust to the pants needs, size and stage of growth. The plants will talk you….just listen.

  11. It's relative to the plant in many cases. Og Kush and Og crosses like SFVOG for example do not like a lot of ppms as a rule.
    Fast finishing, high yielding plants can sometimes handle and thrive with high ppms. I grew Incredible Bulk years back and those plants needed high ppms to maximize their yield. I've found a nicely bred IBL usually does well with lower ppms.
    Sometimes you have to do a few rounds to dial in what ppms and type of nutes and supplements on the same pheno before you hit a homerun.

  12. Anecdotally; swims first garden didny know it should flush before switching light cycles. Week 5 was lockout, but when they recovered they produced some of the best flowers he ever had.

  13. shoulda hit them with the strain dependent line lol, i have a banana punch plant if you go over 550 ppm it freaks out and the friut punch runtsz beside it if you go under 900 it freaks out lol

  14. Plant growth stage – Clone/Seedling/Vegetative/Flower, metabolism and overall health are the biggest dictators in establishing a food ppm/e.c. strength. Beginning with healthy, robust genetics of course, factors that increase plant food absorption capabilities (metabolism) are primarily, the amount of and quality of light being received (DLI), ambient temperatures and humidity, wet/dry interval ratio, Nutrient pH and Medium type. To a lesser extent CO2 levels above ambient, respiration rates and VPD -vapour pressure deficit. An E.C. of 1.2 is a great average start point for healthy plants in vegetative growth and in optimal growth conditions using quality nutrients.

  15. Hi d G I've bin ripped off from a seed breader from the UK with 450pounds worth of seeds 2 days later rang me up laughing saying you've bin sold hermes and am not allowed to name them incase they were impersonating another company I've germinated and started to flower about 2_300 seeds on each dam plant a just can't take it I realy want to quit but my partner bought me a aerosis master 5 dwc and 2 ts 600s from Mars hydro can you help me guys I'm realy weary about UK seed banks why would this person or breeder that I can't mention do this I really need some help from yous guys really love your show D G kev

  16. I'm in living soil and as long as I have clean water ppm is no issue. If my water start ppm is above 100 I have issues. If I adjust ph I have problems. This is the first medium where If I do more it hurts me. It's the most minimalist way I've ever grown!

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