1. The Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are currently housed in the National Archives. All three are written on parchment, not hemp paper. Parchment is treated animal skin, typically sheepskin. The Declaration was inked with iron gall ink.

  2. big tobacco, and alcohol companies would lose money, and its a "DRUG" and drugs are bad… lmfao. there are too many stupid people who wont take the time to learn anything about it other than its a drug, so they wont vote to legalize a horrible drug like marijuana because its extremely addictive, causes stupidity, laziness, and all kinds of other bullshit. and if you couldnt tell that was all sarcasm….
    peace n' pot.

  3. Pushing for the legalization of cannabis will bring down the tyrants. Redirecting money and creating new resources and thus more and new jobs in the industrial, medical and agricultural world, this could be the beginning of the end of major corporations grip of power, snatching back our self reliance. You have my complete support. Thank you Anonymous

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