Ohio Medical Marijuana Product Review: Wana Sour Gummies 1:1 THC/CBD

We munch on some Wana Sour Gummies and discover how well this 1:1 THC/CBD gummy edible works. Full Text Review Here: …


  1. I just had my first ones a few days ago and I love them. They took away the arthritis pain in my fingers almost right away and the effect lasted for a whole day. I can buy two per bag from my province's online store, but not a whole jar, more's the pity. I took two at a time, which was perfect. And I slept like a baby to boot.

  2. I didn't really like these. I tried Wana for the first time in Colorado 2 years ago and it gave me anxiety. I tried it again in Ohio after getting my medical card and I really liked the flavor of the strawberry lemonade but once again, it made me anxious. I went back to the dispensary and picked up some Wellspring Fields peach mango 1:1 hard candies and my muscles are finally able to relax.

  3. I bought a bottle of these last week. They taste really good, but I'm new to medical cannabis, and I thought the label was confusing. I thought the label makes it seem like each gummy has 90 mg of THC in it, but that's for the whole bottle.
    Sorry, I got the sour mango sativa gummies, not these.

  4. Iā€™m a Medical user in Colorado and Wana is the only edible I use. They are very consistent! For me it takes about an hour for them to kick in then it takes my pain away for 5 to 6 hours.

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