1. Everyone should research "Gain of function" experiments on viruses and also research "Antibody Dependent Enhancement". We do not know where the virus came from. We do not know whether it is naturally occurring or whether it was a manipulated virus accidentally released by any of the labs that do "Gain of function" experiments. I have heard reasonable arguments as to why it may have come from a lab but the only people saying it did not are dismissive and really have no evidence.

  2. The up tick in cases in Britain and Germany is very frightening. A higher viral load may mean social distancing is no longer working. I doubted it worked already, frankly. But may also mean face coverings are less effective as well. And it may also mean is easier to catch off of surfaces. The vaccine is our only hope. If the current vaccines do not work on this strain, I will just kiss my old life good bye. Try and cope with the new normal. Isolation.

  3. The flood of fearmongering conspiracy theorists, is worse than this 9 month old mutation. Go home folks, our ancestors are rolling over in their graves at the fact we have everything at our disposal to personally stop this plague, but stupidly we blame everyone but ourselves for selfish lifestyles and rash actions that ensure many are infected.

  4. I hate never seeing the live streams anymore. Thank you, Steve for the info! Everyone is hoping 2021 will be better. I’m certain it will just get darker. This isn’t going away anytime soon. 2022 will be a whole new world

  5. Rapid Testing + mask wearing + new distancing practices + new methods designed for making safer transportation, schooling, eating out, living in dormitories and traveling around the globe in general must be part of the collective victory for humanity in working together and being more humble, less arrogant and aggressive and compromise more together in chilled out peace.

  6. Steve, at [43;34] you speak of this new virus strain, and how the spike proteins are changing. Do hope the current mRNA viruses will still work on this new variant. But question how much it needs to change. Also even the Oxford AZ vaccine thought different and using DNA not mRNA, may also have future issues, sure hope not. Thanks again for your coverage and your help from the Mods.

  7. MORE LIES TO KILL FREEDOM! why do you support communism steve? SO MANY DIED for YOUR FREEDOM! Why do you LIE to everyone? you & GOD are gonna have quite the conversation some day! GOOD LUCK!

  8. This is sad because if the vaccine doesn't work as well, there will be more deaths. I don't think there will be more lockdowns that people willingly follow, just gonna cause more deaths.

  9. Since Trumps is too busy being butt hurt that he lost the election, I bet he doesn’t shut the border from those in the UK. So he will get to kill thousands more before he leaves office. As if he hasn’t killed enough people already by ignoring the virus when he first learned about it! Too bad he can’t be held accountable for his actions, or lack there of!

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