New New Hampshire News E3: Ending Marijuana Legalization

The best source for New Hampshire news and information. This is definitely not a parody as the word of Mr. New Hampshire should not be taken lightly.

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  1. I live in Mass., where both medical and recreational use has been legalized. There's actually a store not too far from my home.
    As an avid hiker, I'm often in the Whites (31 of the NH48 done, including twice to the rockpile!). However, I leave the weed at home when there, since a great deal of land there is federal property.
    I would caution anyone against bringing cannabis onto any federal land, as they still consider it a class A criminal offense.
    By the way- be careful around those geese. They don't have teeth, but pretty hard beaks, and the males will go after you if you get too close (just think about the height of their heads- ouch!)

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