1. I’m 34 weeks and im worried that bc I’m smoking my baby’s gonna have something wrong with her but I know that’s my guilt speaking. And I’m terrified I’m gonna get reported and CPS will come and talk to me because I’d freak out oml that would suck. (I don’t have my medical card but I only smoke medical because my boyfriend is a medical user)

  2. My baby is 2 months and I smoke 2/3 blunts A day and Breastfeed I’m worried that I’m harming my baby and don’t even know it can someone reply and let me know how was there experience and was there any changes in their baby

  3. Thank you! I just found out that I’m pregnant and I love weed that’s why I wake up everyday and I know my sister smoked with her baby and was fine but I was still worried about mine I feel better thank you

  4. I’m currently 7 months pregnant and I have a lot of anxiety but been scared to smoke it for the sake of my baby. I was and everyday smoker before we became pregnant but I’ve been feeling the need to do it to calm my anxiety but am scared. I also want to know how safe it is when breastfeeding since that is my plan after baby is born. Please reply 💗

  5. I am currently pregnant and I used to take lots of medications and realized pills weren’t for me, and that medical marijuana was, I am now currently pregnant and I am very worried to lose my baby from smoking, I used it throughout my first trimester to ease morning sickness and depression and prenatal anxiety, but I’m finding it is very hard to find any real research on this topic and I’m so worried, I won’t smoke any tobacco wraps, I used all organic hemp joint papers and am now only using a bong with water and flower, I’m still worried and if you could reply back to me or message me privately by chance I would appreciate it so so much. xoxo thankyou <3

  6. Thank you for doing this video. I also am living proof of what a miracle cannabis is!! I have had serious pancreas and gi issues for almost 11 years. I was taking 18 meds a day and no one bat a eye!! But I started using cannabis about 4 years ago I’m down to 5 medication, only two of those are necessary daily and everyone freaks out like I’m some kind of drug addict.

  7. Thank you for making this video. I truly believe in the healing power of cannabis for mothers with mental health disorders. I am on a pharmaceutical cocktail as well as daily user of cannabis as medicine to treat my chronic depression and anxiety. I am a mother of twin three year old boys and can safely say that I could not survive without the medicinal relief cannabis provides. Best wishes to you and your family.

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