1. Don’t know if you’ll see this bc I’m late, but this video put tears in my eyes. My sister and I have the same dynamic you and your sister have and I miss my sister so much. We don’t live in the same household or state, so I haven’t seen her in 8 months because of COVID-19. It makes me feel like I’m living vicariously through you guys making these cookies and it brought such a smile to my face ♥️ I can’t wait until this pande*ic is over bc I miss my family so much.

  2. I never follow recipes, I always eyeball everything. I use a double shot glass for measuring liquids lol 😂

    *Best christmas songs:
    Don't shoot me Santa – the killers
    A christmas f*cking miracle – rtj 😂

  3. RSO is damn potent. First time I ate chocolates with it in them I didn’t realize how much stronger it’d be than regular butter edibles 😂 Y’all will be having a lit Christmas

  4. I don’t trust myself to make/get weed baked treats. I’ll say I’ll only eat one, or a half of one, but the snack monster usually wins out. I only get the losanges or mints now.

  5. This level of chaos is reminding me of when my sister fell asleep at 6pm and woke up at 11pm to make French silk pie while we played my sad emo songs and then had to keep calling my brother (who used to be a pastry chef) to keep helping us not fuck it up

  6. A small thing to obsess about, but you actually have butter in stick form in the states. When you say a stick of butter you really mean a stick of butter! I didn't know this, my mind is thoroughly blown!

  7. Oh lord, I can’t wait to see how this turns out! 😂 taking out half the butter required may pose a problem.
    Or did you halve the whole recipe?

    Well they look like they turned out great! I thought it would be a disaster! Proved me quite wrong!

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