*MUST SEE* State Trooper Retaliates Against Medical Marijuana Patient For Middle Finger

Connecticut State Trooper pulls over driver for giving him the middle finger. The Trooper then proceeds to lose it. —————- Merchandise …


  1. I hope this trooper is not on the road and in anyway dealing with citizens…he has to be on something and hes worried about this medical marijuana guy..this is the worst representative of the city wowo….this guy is gonna get the city sued and should not be a police .certifications should be taken…and end knows hes on video.. wow..he basically is saying he cant handle this job do you wait until he kills someone…wow

  2. Troopers “Crack Me Up” because they are just “Professional Ticket Writers” & actually do very little Street Work. I’m an ex BIG city cop from the 1980s & we laughed at these Trooper / guys all the time. I took my Engineering Degree to do something more meaningful in life. See the public / police disconnect?

  3. If a citizen running their mouth is cause for a LEO to grab their deadly weapon, and attack and rob them, then citizens need to be able to defend themselves against all "police", and that self defense needs to involve deadly force. Of course the vastly more reasonable approach would be do defund and replace all LEOs, and create actual, accountable law enforcement in the place of these violent, lawless thugs.

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