Multiple Sclerosis Vlog: Answering Viewers Questions [Part 3]

In this video, I continue answering viewers questions about Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, MS medications and much more. If you want to up your MS game, start …


  1. I am currently on Tysabri for two years. My neurologist is in government trials with Biogen studying a on off cycling once a year. Basically skipping two shots to allow the body to go in and “address“ the JC Virus and keep it in check. I am JCV positive with very low antibody percentage. I am aware Bio Gen is in extended injection delivery trials of six weeks currently. My understanding is that is not a good program to try for me since I am JCV positive.
    I cannot find any information on cycling on and off. Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated regarding the clinical trials for cycling on and off Tysabri – skipping two shots once a year.

  2. I love your videos and wish I lived close enough so that you could be my doctor! I’m the next q&a video, could you address how to best improve physical fatigue (I feel like I ran a marathon and all I did was walk to the kitchen)? Improvement option thru exercise, medication, etc? Thank you!!!

  3. I have MS and currently taking Tecfidera. I also have subglottic stenosis. My ENT who treats my stenosis was very curious if my Tecfidera was helping my stenosis since my stenosis has stabilized after my last dilation. I told him the only thing that was different was my new medication of Tecfidera. He said it was very interesting but would be difficult to find a person who has both MS and subglottic stenosis. So far I feel that I’m getting a two for one treatment with my Tecfidera.

  4. Hi Dr.B my wife has been diagnosed with MS couple of months ago….she had an Aggressive RRMS…she has completed first course of LEMTRADA ( Alemtuzumab)… my doubt is some neurophysicians are saying that Hematopoietic stem cells transplantation (HSCT) is a CURE and better than LEMTRADA…is it true??what is the prognosis of MS patients gone through HSCT vs LEMTRADA…can u compare it…

  5. Dr Boster – I just read this claim on the internet and was wondering if you could give your personal opinion about the accuracy of even better, do one of your educational vlogs about it.

    “Our data raise the intriguing possibility that N-acetylglucosamine may be a simple therapy to promote myelin repair in multiple sclerosis patients,” Demetriou added.

    Renee H

  6. I have both MS and Psoriatic Arthritis. I've been one Rituxan for almost 6 years and Methotrexate for a little over three. One of the best treatments for both these diseases is free=movement.

  7. Hello Dr B, I apologize for being late on commenting. I was wondering about the safety of vaccines with tysabri. I was offered the flu shot a few weeks ago at my primary care doctor but it was a live vaccine which I understand is a no no when on Tysabri. Thankyou for everything you do and can't wait to see you next Monday. Happy holidays to you my friend. You are tops in my book.

  8. You are a blessing and an inspiration that keeps me going with all of your knowledge it is so helpful I just can’t even tell you I saw your video this morning on Facebook and I just want to tell you that I loved it! You are such a blessing for all of us at suffer from multiple sclerosis! Bless you #mswarrior

  9. As a huge Pokémon fan, I approve this thumbnail.

    Good question about treatments that can treat both MS and another AI disease. I have MS and Behçets disease. I have learned that some treatments can cause a flare in one or the other disease.

  10. Question about (any) vaccine and Ocrevus. Because of travel shots pre-Covid, I found I have no antibodies to MMR or HepB, and even with other titers done! I am on Ocrevus. I have not been sick, so I’m not concerned, just curious. Is it likely O “erased” my immunity/antibodies? I still get vaccines, because no harm, but I feel like they are all ineffective. Thanks for siting that research study.

  11. Nice video, though I have say that dimethyl fumarate is a simple small molecule, so it's hard for me to imagine that one company could manufacture a superior product to another. You would think insurance companies would allow no copay for generic medications to encourage their use. I imagine generic dimethyl fumarate is cheaper than Tecfidera but still astronomically expensive. For drugs like ACTH and monoclonal antibodies, there is a complicated manufacturing process and a high barrier to entry, so it could be a different story.

  12. I have MS and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. My Rheumatologist and Neurologist worked together and have prescribed Rituxan and Methotrexate. I've been using both for over 2 years, no new lesions and my MCTD symptoms are much better!

  13. Thank you dear doctor B. For helping us. Through your videos i learned a lot about MS, which I was not able to learn from my doctor. It's very helpful. God bless you. Greetings from Macedonia

  14. Question: how do we know when we are having a relapse? When do we call our doctor? How can you tell if the current medication you’re taking is not working anymore?

  15. I'm about to go on Ocrevus and was asked if I wanted to have the covid jab, now I know when to have it, and it's posible affectivness.
    Thanks and as always informative, and balanced.

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