Morgan Freeman Talks Weed with Larry King

Morgan Freeman – Oscar winner and voice of God – says he’s not picky when it comes to what strain of marijuana he smokes, and make his case for legalizing …


  1. Those peoples are much different from 'standard' peoples they look much different, what's the reason, King is a jew kind ? and morgan is what? they are both very smart, intelligent and tricky imo, i have no idea what to think about all the peoples these days, i think we are at the point that you can't surely know anything about what's going on behind the scenes of world

  2. just imagine smoking weed with Morgan Freeman. every time he said anything you'd think you were in a movie.
    "bruhh I'm hearing like, Morgan Freeman narrating my life right now"
    "that's me. I am here with you, smoking a fat blunt. we are stoned."

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