Morgan Freeman Loves Pot: I’ll Eat It, Drink It, Smoke It, Snort It!

“Morgan Freeman doesn’t understand why marijuana isn’t legal. During a recent interview with the Daily Beast, the actor detailed his support for the movement …


  1. im 36, have been smoking weed since i was about 16. I have developed emphysema and have COPD now because of heavy marijuana usage. All you modern day bud hipsters who are advocating this stuff are clearly people who have not been smoking for a while. No one i know that has been smoking for 20+ years will ever tell you that bud isnt dangerous in its own right.

  2. It does not affect your lungs. Not one person had died from lung cancer associated with Marijuana. You may cough from combustion, but the chemical makeup in that combustion has a safety mechanism that allows it to not harm you. Do you know any Marijuana smokers that have resin stains, on their teeth that they can't get off? Impossible. It is easily broken down in the mouth. It literally wipes away. Try that with tobacco, and you will need to visit a dentist.

  3. You're LUCKY you don't HAVE to regulate chronic pain from fibromyalgia (you asshole CENK! ) Wow what a charmed life we lead to be free of daily chronic health issues.

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    To Heck with regulating cannabis// NOT Where Prohibition started with cannabis.
    1937 Popular Mechanics rated
    cannabis/hemp as a "$Billion dollar" industry ( in 1937 dollars) Monopolists sought to safeguard their financial
    interests By Banning the plant/
    Prohibition started in 1937; is
    still prohibited to this day// so
    those Same Monopolists worry TODAY about civilians
    being Free to grow Like Tomatoes in their Gardens,
    Google usa patent #6630507# held by a hypocritical DHHS in 2002 for
    CBD as a neuroprotectant(brains/siezures/ parkinson's/ altzheimers/ cancers/strokes/
    hodgkins/PTSD// Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!!!
    Citizens!! Your DemoCratic Party Congress & WH did this to you // allegedly due to newspapers (yellow journalism) & Hollywood's "Reefer Madness" propaganda film.
    doctors used to prescribe smoking cannabis as a treatment for asthma.FFS.

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