1. Watching this video and feeling for you, angry for you. It's amazing how people can take off on the smallest thing to destroy a person's rep. And to what end? To feel better about themselves? I believe you Coach Greg. In any case, what you did was rinky-dink shit, and screw anybody who thinks otherwise. One of the things I hate about human nature is how people are so willing to believe the worst about a person but so hesitant to believe something good about them. You have more than paid for your indiscretions, and bestowed knowledge and positivity in far greater amounts.

  2. Bro. Your videos literally say “Natty or Not”. As in your saying it’s either one or the other. It doesn’t say “Natty or Think it’s Not Natty”. In other words, people gonna hate on you for possible lies you make.

  3. Eating4 gains and his screen name. and he puts up on his channel the documents from the other guy who supplied you with steroids and it states about you taking a plea. The documents had miss spelling and a plea is a plea hearing not a plea bargain the defendant hears the charges and responds to the crime. I Told him to look up plea hearing. Also on the document it doesn’t say your a witness or testified. Halifax did a separate investigation. Me wanting to bang my head against wall. Listening to him regarding he understands the documents he presented on his site. And he was forced to tell the real truth and get the information out there. Dumber than last time.

  4. You seem hurt by this. I once told you that about those natty or not videos. Some people will take it well and others will do anything to hurt you. Now you want them to take their lies down. There are no rules in this type of game.

  5. Greg I love your channel! None of that even matters people talk about it to get attention. You have helped me be a healthier person physically and mentally especially with your content on binge eating. I’m a forever fan!

  6. Let me say something. I'm a physiques of greatness Chris Jones fan. A huge fan like the guy is one of the godfathers of YouTube fitness, but he made a video about Greg, I was ready to hate Greg, but when I watched his videos I realised Greg's stuff is all lighthearted, very intelligent and actually really funny. He's not attacking anyone so I'm confused why people get butthurt. It says alot about those people and honestly, I'm really disappointed in Chris. But on the upside I found another great channel.

  7. Man, You have to love your job very much to swallow so many hate every day and woked up and first to see in the morning is so much negativity, even be innocent though. I was in the war 3 yrs and I guarantee you some of them will end much, so much different…I love your stubbornness, it's funny sometimes. Respect.

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