Medical Marijuana Cultivation 101: part 1 of 2

Patients Without Time, Maui, Hawaii, and Prof. Brian Murphy, ThC, present Medical Marijuana Cultivation videos, seminars and offers assistance to patients …


  1. There's no such thing as a "gateway drug". The individual makes the choice to use drugs in a beneficial way, or a way that can kill you. Anyone desiring to harp on people who smoke a little pot once in awhile, go harp on those doctors prescribing pharmaceuticals that are killing people left and right all over the world.

  2. hey im a meical grower and i had some old cow manure and some lobster compost and when i transplanted during veg i mixed the 2 because i had a little left of both dose anyone know if that matters?

  3. My point was exactly that? Kids try weed and alcohol because its more readily available in todays times…even so theres a big difference between weed and heroin culturally and heroin/opiate use has been a part of Australian culture since the early 1900's…Not sure its applicable as a sound example in this situation for this reason.

  4. @thechuckyduck
    I not really sure where you are getting your information, but the facts are it is used for medical reason for hundreds of years. Many colleges have done research and all have shown benefits for many medical elements. Should not make such statements unless you have sound evidence to show otherwise..

  5. @thechuckyduck I use medical marijuana for my ptsd, maldjustment anxiety and the pain in my back cause by swelling muscles pinching nerves. It relaxes my muscles and stops the episodes from ptsd. There you have it. A real life medical marijuana condition changer.

  6. please watch Run from the Cure on youtube man cures terminal cancer in backyard using hemp oil he is a saint not a criminal please watch Run from the Cure on youtube God Bless

  7. prohibition is due to Oil companies, (who run the united states) Dont want to pay the middle man (farmers) to grow hemp. Cuz whats cheaper then free oil.. underground. Dont want the hemp products to take over nylon and polyesters, which are made by oil. Wait and see what they turn to once most of the oil is used up in 100 years.. guess what they will turn tooo!!!!!!!!

  8. @whatevermon or how bout you can grow it your self and sell it (with the government give you a permit and no whos selling it they can tax you 50$ an ounce that you grow)
    i think that would solve alot you can grow it sell it and give money to our government to get us out of this damn debt! WOOO IMA GENIUS!!

  9. @MCCFDIA uhhh no its not, a drug is anything considered to be a mind altering substance, water is not a mind altering substance…idiot. That whole gateway theory is retarded, people start with weed and alc because it is easier to find- plenty of people use marijuana and alcohol recreationally but do not dabble in harder drugs. People with weak wills are the ones who succumb to drug addiction. Its simple, legalize it– its your choice how your life plays out

  10. @mrarches
    Survival of the fittest: Its a good thing that the foolish move on to harmful drugs and hurt themselves. Fun fact: The "Most dangerous drug going" has killed a whopping 0.00 people in the 1960's alone, and an extra 0.00 people ever! D:

  11. @mrarches I believe the first drug i did would have to be nicotene..I dont believe all kids start with weed…First comes all the other small mind altering substance aka "DRUG" like caffene, sugar, all those others..Kids get curious with what other ways to make there mind not feel so boring..Ya know??

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