Mason Tvert on CNBC to Discuss NASCAR Marijuana Legalization Ad

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project — — appears on CNBC to discuss the marijuana legalization ad the organization produced for the …


  1. the declaration of independence was wrote on hemp paper and signed by politicians who supported the growing of hemp…Hell they were probably high having a party when it was signed GOod Ol SToney mT

  2. its fucked up the world we live in when we support nascar with alcohol but marijuana ? "nascars a family place" that guy and everybody else who thinks weed is so fucking taboo around family but just about everybody supports alcohol on Christmas, thanksgiving .football .baseball.nascar almost every sporting event that is televised is sponsored by some kind of beer or alcohol and my kids are always going to see that when watching tv or going to games so why not POT too ,Both helped raise USA

  3. Why do many Americans have to be fucking clueless? Beer is acceptable but pot is unacceptable, even though beer has killed millions, many of them young. I hope to fucking god stupid is soon to become obsolete in this country and believe that legalization and decriminalization of Marijuana is a step in that direction.

  4. I really can't think of one reason why mariguana is illigal, I can however think of 100 reasons why tobacco and alcohol should be, starting with the addiction it causes and the hundreds of thousands of people who die every year from it, well tobacco at least.

  5. "This is saposed to be a family occasion" , Bull shit it a nascar race,mostly adults,and do they not sell beer at these races he was attending? So he can go in the stands and have 6 large beers then get back in his car and drive home from the race ,but "Oh no"you can say Marijuana should be legal like booze? Fucking idiot's like him are why Pot is still ilegal and the drug cartels are in power in mexico and why millions of people's lives have been ruined because of prohibition. End the drugWar!

  6. Who says it's a family setting,the guy talking with a beer in his other hand.I bet he drives the kids home all the time yelling at them and hopefully he doesn't kill them on the way.Every race i've been to i didn't see a family setting.I did see a lot of drunks argueing over nothing.Drunks die of cancer from the booze,but if all you do for drugs is smoke pot it's not going to kill you.You'll probably get brown lung but it's not going to kill you.

  7. it blows my mind that they sit there with a straight face and say that a marijuana add is not appropriate for families. True as this may be but he has a freaking beer in his other hand. The hypocrisy is killing me. Are they really that blind? If you support alcohol being legal, then you MUST support the legalization of MJ. Its like saying that you support milk but dont think cheese should be legal. Wake the fuck up.

  8. Suppose to be a family setting my ass, hey kids watch everybody get fucking wasted and fight. OR we can smoke a joint and all be friends and chill the fuck out……


  9. Americans rather promote alcohol at a motorsporting event, more chance for fights or car accidents on the way home, more exciting :D, 95% of people in jail are under the influence of alcohol at the time of theyre crime, and thats a fact

  10. "We won't support ads for illegal drugs that were outlawed in 1937 due to nothing but financial interests of large corporations at family events but please drink more beer." Gotta love the intelligence there.

  11. Now the ads been shown on the jumbotron, multiple news channels and the internet. Not to mention the MPP will get the money back that they paid so the MPP just got the anti-drug ppl to give them free advertising. Not bad for a bunch of "dumb" stoners. Keep up the good work MPP

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