Mars Hydro White Widow Ep.4 Harvest FAT COLAs and Hanging to DRY SP3000 Light

We finish off the grow series by harvesting the two remaining White Widow plants. The Mars Hydro SP3000 LED Grow Light did an outstanding job providing all …


  1. Nice job cant wait to get this feno hunt done for next year's crops cant wait to be able to post videos 🙌 thx for the tips and tricks on how you harvest I really like the trellis sideways to hang more evenly !

  2. Nicely done Terpy.

    I see you used 3 gallon plastics. I like plastics to veg in cuz its easier to transplant with no stress to the roots.

    Ok here is my question

    Since using the 3 gallons how often did you have to water?

    And did you drain to waste everytime none at all or somewhere in between?
    Thanks. You got a new fan.

  3. White widow is my favorite, that smell is intoxicating. But dude this is weird as hell a buddy walked in and saw the video and asked when i started a YouTube channel then I looked again and side on you could be my twin, down to the ginger face hahaha tripped me out a little

  4. I grew four plants outdoors when Oregon allowed it some years back. They resembled your plants, although mine were bigger because of the outdoor growing. I hated to cut them down.But man, that was some great smoke. Getting ready for 2021.

  5. Do you open a bottom vent in your tent to allow for air intake during flowering? If you do, how do you avoid light coming in? I have a small tent and have been trying to figure out just this question. Thanks for the vids.

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