Marijuana Trichomes How To Grow Marijuana

See All The Keppers Videos In HQ On The New YouTube marijuana420grower Channel How To Grow Marijuana Tri-Combs Video taken during a recent visit to …


  1. Did you give your plants anything to eat? The two mediums that you used are essentially inert. They have zero nutrients to sustain your plants. Once the nutrition in the cyclodons was used up the plants will die. You got to feed her or she will not produce. Nirvana seeds are awesome! I use them regularly. Hope that helps, peace.

  2. question ordered some seeds from overseas, and i planted them in a mix of coconut coir and perilite, first time i used the mix but the seedlings kindA petrified and stoped growing, the ends of the first leaves started browning you have any idea what caused that. was it the mix, they were Nirvana strain Papuya..

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