1. I had a similar experience, but i was hearing monster voices shouting getting louder and louder saying "ITS THE RABBITS!… ITS THE RABBITS!", i was really really baked lol.. i think a sub conscious thought seeped into my conscious? shook me the fuck up and i don't just mindlessly smoke as much as possible anymore lol

  2. Thanks Victor, you have just confirmed what I also feel. I am an old dude (74) and am a fair ways into a Kundalini activation. I no longer smoke weed but have been taking CBD oil for various old dude aches and pains. I feel it really amplifies the energy but not in a good flowing way. I have decided that I would rather feel the rough edge of life without the tranquilising effects of CBD.

  3. Quitting smoking weed would only be a victory for my ego self. My ego would love for me to quit smoking knowing fully well what a great tool it is for offering a unique perspective for seeing through all its tricks and illusion based fears. Often times when not high, I can intuitively hear my ego saying, "how dare you try to dissolve me by smoking, I'm going to do everything I possibly can to show you that weed is bad and should be avoided so I can thrive." Moderation is the key folks. Don't place a burden on weed to fix ANY of your problems. Weed never promised anything.

  4. Eeep I totally have this thought to stop as well and I just can’t get myself to. At first it was to get in touch with my higher self during meditation and such, but it’s just turned into a daily habit ://

  5. Use a Lot of Cannabis Once a Year in a Graduation Ceremony where the peak of the high is between 2 and 3 am. Becoming active in bringing energy up your spine, using your hands out in front of your heart to build up as much Love Energy as you are made of! Don't run Away from the Mystical Experience, what you thought could and couldn't happen will Forever be Changed!

  6. I knew it was time when I started having panic attacks. I still would smoke tho, but it wasn’t a high like it used to be, it would just make me feel low. So now I completely stopped.

  7. I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for a couple years now. I used to smoke all the time when i was extremely depressed because like most people we smoke to forget the pain we're feeling and experience some euphoria. I was going through a spiritual awakening my junior and senior year of high school, smoking made me feel good. Now that my life is the complete opposite of what it used to be, I feel genuinely happy even after being severely depressed my whole life. But the only thing that has changed is my experience with weed. When i smoke now whether I'm alone or with friends my body goes to a different planet and not in a good way. Extreme paranoia is one way to put it. Even if I were to just take two hits of something I suddenly turned into the biggest lightweight after 5 years of smoking blunt after blunt and feeling great all of a sudden not even being able to smoke a bowl is insane. I feel extreme anxiety like EXTREME. it sucks because i really loved smoking weed but now it just makes me feel terrible.

  8. I was a heavy smoker for a long time, at the beginning of my kundalini awakening I smoked once and saw spirits, I could feel that there was other beings around me, it was terrifying.

  9. Weed certainly kicked in the doors for me, but the onset of depression after the eye opening had me abuse it. 10 years later I've begun micro dosing for about a month or two at a time, followed by a break of a month or two. This has been the most profound change in my life and has helped me tremendously, both mentally and spiritually.

  10. I had the same intuition about quitting. Although it supported awakening but it came to the point where intuition said "if you want get further stop smoking cannabis "
    I agree that everybody has different reasons and opinions.
    Thank you

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