1. Crazy to think the dude was just super curious and called the police to figure out what the charge was and they still arrested him. Over a small baby seedling of a plant. Marijuana needs to be legalized everywhere

  2. Anderson Cooper has got to be one of the most pathetic, worthless, money driven/ power driven waste of a human I have ever heard about in my life. I am unbelievably ashamed in the fact that they would give a type of person like that a position like that.. Especially a RELIABLE position. Anderson Cooper will forever in my book (that no one gives a shit about, ik) go down as one of Americas biggest LOSERS.

  3. I accidentally called 911 twice in a row once a few years ago. It was some kind of phone glitch, because I called the local internet company because I was just getting my internet set up at an apartment, and I had to make the number selections of 1, 1, then 2 and the first time I did it the next thing I knew 911 answered and I thought they were the internet company worker joking at first, but they were serious. So it happened again and the third time I hit the backspace after I made the selection, so the "112" wasn't on the screen any more and that fixed it. I guess 112 is the emergency number in another country. I was so confused, but that 911 worker must have thought I was such an idiot the first time when I said I needed help with my internet and she thought that I had intentionally called 911.

  4. Well, he still can talk sooo that’s good. When i was having a really bad trip after propably not pure weed i coupdn’t walk, see or talk to anyone, the rest is so mindblowing to me that i can’t explain it

  5. I've reported my pot being stolen during a break in. It hasn't been completely illegal in California for a very long time and it still can help with an investigation for a cop to know everything. It was also needed for when I had a small grow op for my home insurance claim when my plants were stolen.

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