1. MOST children at the border detained come across without parents, they are treated better than american kids living under the poverty line, children that are separated from adults were so under 3 occasions: 1- signs of abuse 2- adults were not their parents (traffikers), 3-adults were filed criminals and wanted (like any children in the usa that have parents arrested). Present laws are on the books since Bush, u can easily find pics of children detained at the border under Obama… some people of course tried to use those pics against Trump… of course once proved they were from the Obama era, they deleted the pics, they dont care about the issue, they HATE. That said, i will let u watch some more CNN…and i will unsubscribe:)


  2. Thanks for Sharing Bigtrucks…DC, 100% legalized for recreational and medical use in 2015 MD decriminalized the same year and can have up to 3oz on your person. The problem is ANY legal gun owner better stay as far away from a legal card as possible unless some want there guns confiscated. Reference question #4 on the ATF background check paperwork.

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