Marijuana Legalization Action White House

Marijuana Legalization Action Protestors held an action on 5-20-2016 in front of the White House. Activists demand federal legalization of Marijuana. Veterans …


  1. I created a petition to legalize marijuana at the federal level. If anyone is interested in signing and sharing it, it is in the attached link. Even if congress does not acknowledge it, it is still important that we continue to prove that the people of America want cannabis to be legalized. If a petition aquires a significant number of signatures, congress's inaction will only be evidence of a corrupt system and will cause the American people to further loose trust in the current establishment. This is why I would urge as many people as possible to sign this petition and to create their own petitions as well as continue to provide information to those who remain ignorant to the violence and futility of the war on drugs.


  2. In 1980 the DEA staffing budget was 207 million dollars. In 2014 that budget was over 2.8 billion. The source for these numbers is the DEA. It can be found on It does not appear to have curbed drug consumption.

    Drug use that is declining is tobacco consumption. Tobacco however is not criminalized. It would appear that criminalization is not working however other policy seems to be having an effect.

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