Marijuana Garden Science Using LED lights The Truth about it

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  1. Man i really appreciate the effort into this video. But you seem biased on LED for some reason. I cant pinpoint the reason exactly. Another thing too, the fact you used LED and 200Watt in the same sentence, like thats how you shop for LEDS, just tells me you honestly have no idea how LEDs work or made. which isnt a bad thing either, its still relatively new to growers. but you shouldnt be trying to charge people on false information. i didnt really want to comment and jack your video, maybe remove my comment after you read it. but educate yourself on leds a bit. Like what the diode is exactly; who it comes from, how many there are, how much power each diode pulls, which diodes are ACTUALLY worth buying and not just overconsuming power….soo much shit we as consumers are not told about.

  2. Anyone !: have a small grow space 1.5 square meters=16.15 square feet. 87,500 lumens using LED screw in bulbs white & yellow. 21 Autoflowering plants.Offhand, in general am i using too little or too much light from bulbs close to the plants but not too hot? Thank you.

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