Marijuana Activists Smoke at White House, Two Detained

Hundreds of pro-cannabis activists lit joints at the White House on Saturday in an act of civil disobedience calling for President Obama to reschedule the …


  1. We should not call it marijuana. We should call it by it's original name, Cannabis. The gov. changed it's name to put laws on it. They can not put laws on Cannabis. Cannabis was seeded here by the Pleiadian, the Ashtar Command Crew, over 700,000 yrs ago. If anyone is going to put laws on it, it should be the Pleiadian. How do I know this? By listening to their many, informative messages, right here on Youtube. We are not alone, guys. Smoking God's Herb, Opening the Pineal Gland, and Bridging Heaven on Earth…..Go for it. 😀

  2. Now i want y'all to explain something to me. Hilary Clinton wants to become president. She wants gay marriage but she doesn't want weed to be legal. Now god forbids any homosexual to enter his kingdom. Gay marriage only helps u by committing more sins. Weed helps u when u r really stressed out or u r in a lot of pain. Weed also helps with glaucoma. Glaucoma is a disease that effects ur eyes and it can make u blind for the rest of ur life. Weed can treat glaucoma.

  3. The government is in the illuminati because they allow people to smoke poison, rocket fuel,toilet cleaner, sewer gas,candle wax,etc. But they dont allow u to heal yourself with a plant. Weed helps with pain. The government knows this but they follow the devil. For the people who say stop smoking weed. Look up wats inside of a cigarette and tell me wats better to smoke. Yea the thc makes u high but it relaxes u. If ur that type of person that has issues. Smoke weed.

  4. I don't agree with the argument its a plant it should be legal. If people want to legalize this then you need to have a more solid argument then it is a plant. Same could be said about heroin too. Not for or against this being legalized but its the same damn argument ever time, just like the gun argument. It makes you sound unintelligent when you repeat the same thing over and over again

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