1. Puttin makeup on a pig is basically what some of these if not A LOT of these major companies are operating on the premise of!! When $$ rules over the quality. I think it's the total wrong approach!! I strictly and Strongly agree that the QUALITY WILL BRING THE$$$$$!!!!

  2. Man, workin with a man like this from Dablogic would be an epic EPIC JOB!!! I am trying to get a foot in the door where I can. Learning and working under gentlemen like this is certainly One of my goals!! I have nothing holding me back whatsoever !! It's the Dog and I and My Grow!!!!

  3. Scotty, FOCUS! Damn dawg, you chang the subject every time he starts getting somewhere good! Maybe consider writing out some bullet points and following an outline next time?

  4. Not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I removed lots of leaves on outdoor plants….Ont ,Canada.
    Man I could literally follow every removed leaf and all the rot started at those removal sites! So….. I like the idea but it was so clear that Rot started at the minor wounds I created .
    Am I alone on this?
    Just wanted to Throw that out there for the outdoor guys…..have a look this season And see!

  5. Cheers brothers. Much love, respect and thanks for sharing .
    💚🙏🇦🇺👊 my best mate( from another country ) sent me here…. he loves you guys, now I'm here ,, that's the GROWMUNITY for ya.. cheers all. 🌿🍻 much love from AUSTRALIA. 💪💚🙏🇦🇺👊

  6. Hey don't hate on Bama folks. I know about Terp sauce, solventless, etc. There are some of us out there that know our shit most just don't talk much its still highly illegal in Alabama. I'm talking prison sentence illegal for extracts they get you with manufacturing.

  7. Just an observation not a judgement (cause most cannabis enthusiasts shows are like this). I feel the show would be 10X better if people waited to get stoned afterward.

  8. being from Humboldt county born and raised. I think I grew up on the bottom of said mountain. I won't say the name here but I'm 90% curtain I know the outdoor spot just from the few descriptions. Beautiful country. I miss home a lot. My family is still there. Im the only one to move out of Humboldt.

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