Making CBD Oil using an Instant Pot

Simple and easy recipe to make your own CBD Oil at home using an Instant Pot See all recipes on the forum here …


  1. I made this and love it so far. Love how it smells. Do you know how to make it stronger/more potent though? Would increasing the pressurecook time make it stronger? Or would I use more flower for stronger potency? Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Is is ok to decarboxylate one day a few jars and then make the butter in a different day…in other words decarboxylate flower can sit around in sealed jar till ready to use?

  3. This is really great! I've been watching vids using different kinds of alcohol extraction and I just hate the whole idea of it! Do you know if the insta pot and potato ricer gets as much cbd out of the flower as alcohol extraction? The fact that you're using pressure to do this gives me hope. Worth a test batch or two that.s for sure. I'm going to get my supplies now. Edit, nevermind, I just read some of the comments on your website, you haven't used alcohol for extraction. All good. Thank you!

  4. Great videos, I’m curious if this would work in a 3quart Instant Pot? Do you need to put anything on the bottom for the jar to sit on? Is it a natural release or quick release?

  5. As a stroke survivor I love what you did with making the CBD oil but I can not figure out hat the use the oil for. I am very much interested in using the home made oil as a vape cartridge. I also have a language disability called Aphasia. Thanks!!

  6. Great idea thank you

    You just cut down the time to infuse from 4 hours to 40 minutes

    What exactly is the sweet almond infusion good for?
    It remains liquid?

    I also love the decarboxilating in a mason jar, sure will save me getting high in the kitchen next time

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