Maine Gov. Candidate Eliot Cutler on Marijuana Legalization

At an event at the University of Southern Maine, gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler was asked about his position on taxing and regulating marijuana similarly to …


  1. he is a fence sitter, I hate those guys. If you come out in favor of pot you alienate half the voters, if you come out against you alienate the other half. If you sit on the fence you have the best chance of upsetting the least number of voters. But after you see it happening a few times, you get to recognize the technique. These guys will do or say anything to get votes. But its all talk, there is no substance for or against pot, its just talk. Typical politician…. I hope he loses

  2. Lost amid the exciting new dialogue on cannabis legalization is the farmer/cultivator. We must vote for the politicians that will still allow us to grow for ourselves and our ill brothers and sisters. The government and soon "corporate marijuana" won't want all of our green thumbs in their cannabis pie. (Yes I could of typed pot pie for all you punsters…) Let's not forget the majority of the states discussing the issue now are more concerned with tax revenue and not the health of its citizens.

  3. Maine needs a governor who lives in this century.  Police are not there to make the laws – they are there to enforce the laws.  And most doctors, sadly, have no education on the uses and benefits of this miracle plant.  It is also important that a governor has a backbone.

    Legalize & save lives.

  4. Just a word of advice, Mr. Cutler; if you seriously want to get elected, you'd better get up to speed on cannabis really quickly. From your response here, it is evident that you have serious knowledge deficits on the subject.

  5. With all the progress we've made in Maine, in Portland especially, I worry that Eliot Cutler would simply take the state back several steps in regards to ending the prohibition of cannabis…archaic thinking is not what we need right now. Also, beware of any politician that uses spin tactics to say "maybe yes, maybe no" and still pretends like they actually gave an answer. Cutler basically mentions Colorado and Washington to diffuse the fear that he's against legalization, then he goes on to say how hesitant he feels about the issue…Here's the deal, either you are emphatically in favor of ending cannabis prohibition, or you're not…and if you're not…you can't be trusted to do the right thing when the opportunity to end cannabis prohibition statewide arises, because its often more profitable to perpetuate the status quo. Personally, from this 2 minute video, I know all I need to know about Eliot Cutler regarding the cannabis issue, and I certainly would never vote for him as a medical cannabis patient. I wish him luck and hope he comes around on the issue before the election for the sake of his own approval numbers and conscience 🙂

  6. Same ole B.S as to why they won't legalize it. The facts are there. Why was  marijuana use as a medicine since the beginning of time up until 1937?  Lies, prejudice, and corporate greed. All about the money!

  7. Politicians can bury marijuana legislation for years n years ! This is NOT the man to vote for with those answers!!!!!👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

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