(LST) Low Stress Training your Marijuana plants – Guide – Part 1

Week 3: I am Low Stress Training (LST) 1/4 plants (PART 2 VIDEO MADE AS WELL) (This is an experiment to compare with the other plants that I will be …


  1. lst there ya go… i have done it all kinds of ways what ever works for you// i never had luck doing the lst depends on the space…cool show hey.. bill ward does this he is good at it he ties the bottom two so the first bend does not break.. a good reference in case you have not found him

  2. DUDE! i just did a video on LSTing my plants because of this video! Keep up the good work, I have been stressing to the wife how important this is for maintaining the height of your plants

  3. Hi I see you reply to comments I need help I pinched today and some of the one node came away like two of the lil prongs only half of them the other is fine will it repair or will I just get one less cola

  4. But low stress training also as low stress to the plant that's why they call it low stress training and it also is more faster growth because sometimes when you cut the plant it has to recover

  5. Around day 14 / 15 is usually when I start LST providing are healthy. Simply pin the top node down to expose the small side branching to more light and put more energy into them to catch up with the top node

  6. After you bend the plant, are you planning on pruning the 45's so that they double?
    IDK if you can understand what i'm saying, idk the terms. Great vid tho!

  7. Hey wassup good info I like to train and top mine both! I like the multiple tops you get from topping but also the benefits of LST are a no brainer to me! With my experience all you do is bend her top over as shown in the video and then the rest of your plant will get much more light hence more more bud sights pop up and when they get to tall or taller then the rest tie them down as well to same height to create a nice even canopy!!! I'm a novice grower as well and just starting to learn alot of these things but I'm lucky to have good friends in the bizz that are there to help me along w any questions I might have!!! Awesome advice though!👊✌! Good Luck n Happy Growing my friend!!!👋🌲🌲🌲

  8. Good for you. I'm on my first grow too, experimenting and stumbling along as I learn. Haven't f'ed up too majorly yet. I guess as long as you do your research and give your girls the due diligence they deserve, they will reward you with the fruits of your labour. So far I have managed to treat them the way they deserve and they have thrived and percivered. Hopefully they'll give me some healthy buds in return. Happy growing.

  9. I started my recent grow at 3 weeks just to be safe and its been working really good for me so far and topped it about a week later it has the thickest stem I've ever grown but its barely my 3rd grow ever also.

  10. hey! what light are you using? I was thinking possibly getting the mars TS 1000. not sure if it's under or overkill to get my ladies ready for outdoors. I have a light but I don't think it's intense enough. there stretching a bit

  11. In my countless number of experiments I have found that multiple toppings 2 or 3 times before going into flower gives you significantly more of a yield then low stress training. Although low stress training does have its place its more beneficial on an indoor grow as outdoor grow the plants get significantly bigger they would be benefited more by multiple toppings

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