LIVE – Growing in Winter vs Summer [GROW TALK TUESDAYS!]

Trey and [not so] Silent Rob strike back with the growmie Green Goblin for another Live Grow Talk Tuesday! I know, I put myself of Jay but I had to use that lol.


  1. I find starting seeds in happy frog soil, then transplanting into fox farm soil working pretty good, just feed teas. Recharge and xtreme gardening azos n mykos, Before flip top dress with buildasoil craft blend, again 3 weeks later and easiest grow ever

  2. To all growmies
    Has anyone used the CMH 315w? What was your results?
    Iv used them for 3 crops now and results aren’t good, so I was wondering if I’m not alone on this iv got no more then 9ozs per crop off 5 lady’s

  3. Hey guys i had a question about checking tricomes for done’ness, I’m looking for a 30% amber color now do i look at the tri’s on the buds or the leaves/sugar …i appreciate the advise i think you guys rock, this is a great show..

  4. If trey don't like speaking to no one or being heard why do podcasts bruz bit fucking stupid love your content but when the sounds always so fucking terrible it's hard to stay interested

  5. Great show! I sub and leave comments bc you say utube likes it, but I've been watching your pheno-hunting videos, and maybe you'll answer my question in a video. I wonder more about the logistics of pheno-hunting. What do you do with the strains as you're growing them to see if they are a keeper? You say the plant from seed is best as a mother vs a clone mom, but to get a mother from hunting, it seems you'd have to pop a bunch of seeds, keep them as mothers and cut/root/flower a clone from each seed/mother, harvest and cure each clone, then test the smoke to see which mother is the one you like. Am I missing something? How do you manage your plants while hunting? It seems like you'd need tons of veg space to do it, and if you just pop seeds every time, should you expect most will be trash? I've been getting pretty, but weak bud with little smell, and ppl say I need to hunt for better genetics. I buy from the big seedbanks, use good lights and co2, but it's hard to tell what I'm doing wrong until I've done it right at least once. All that said, my question is; how do u know if genetics is the problem or if you're the problem, and how to manage the plants when hunting? Thanks guys!

  6. Hey Fellas another great show. I 'm on my third grow has a beginner, I started at the end of spring and it was hard to control heat and humidity and my yield was low. However, fall for me is the best weather followed by winter… You can control you environment better and also pending on the strain and phenotype you can get a pretty decent yield especially towards ending of flowering.

  7. Trey does the pineapple chunk just not have that funk? I ask because i harvested last week and they sure look frosty but not a lot of terps? Plus she turned purple in flower. Is this just how this is is with the chunk? THanks to all of you guys as CLTV for all the hard work you do .. Cheers M

  8. Rob my garage grow i use 1/2 in. rubber accross the whole floor, WHy dont you all utizize the benifits from both lights? LED and CMH ? Like the aray of ligts on a grow craft looks like it will allow one to set up a Couple CMH Fixtures inbetween the rails of the grow craft.. If i already had it i would use it together.. Not to mention you can benifit from both light quallitys.. Cheers Fellas.. Martin

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