1. Just started listening, a few videos in now. Do you have a video about why blurple lights are no good? I have a vipersrectra(blurple) and just ordered a new ratmatix hamr. 4000k lights i believe. Why are they the new thing?

  2. Daily light integral (DLI) is the number of light particles, also called photons, that are received during a 24-hour time span in one location. Plants require photons for photosynthesis, which is the process of converting light and carbon dioxide into sugar and oxygen so that the plant can survive and grow.
    In order for photosynthesis to occur the plant must be exposed to 400 and 700 nanometers (nm) of light. Some plant types require more or less light exposure.
    The measurement of DLI is the formula: moles of light (mol) per square meter (m) per day (d), so 1 mole of light is roughly 6×10 photons. Most plants, such as cannabis require an average DLI of 4-6 molam-2ad-1.
    Many factors such as plant type, temperature, humidity, and nutrients also have a bearing on how a plant grows and utilizes the available DLI.

  3. Good morning DGC, Dude, Scotty and guru. I am about to be a new grower, lol! and have purchased a california lightworks solar system 1100 with the uvb supplemental lighting. Ive yet to here you guys talk about these lights. I want your guys opinions on the lights, As i feel they are one of the better options on the market. Thank you dude, scotty and guru for always keeping the good vibes flowin and the mind workin, you guysare super helpful, and as one member said "I feel like ive robbed you guys" so for that i will be signing up, and i will keep you guys posted on my grow when i finally get settled in my new place. Ive decided to go all out, despite it being a home grow, as i eventually want to start a commercial grow with the new laws in Canada! Happy growing guys!

  4. So let me get this straight since I just bought a far red initiator…….You can leave the lights on for 14 hrs with 10 off if you use the far red 5min before lights off and 5 mins after and you actually shorten the flowering cycle?
    Im sorry it takes me a minute to understand…

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