1. I would like to know where you got the information about Latter-day Saints Church? I am a member and I'm not fully sure about growing our own medicine but the Church has stated that the use of Medical Marijuana is accepted. Just like any other medicine prescribed by a doctor the Church does not have a problem with it. They might be against the use for recreation? They ask member to abstain the use of alcohol, tea, coffee, and tobacco for members only that want to go to the Temple. They will offer help for those that are addicted to Marijuana and abuse it like they do for any other medicines.
    The people, these are leaders, I've talked to say if you are prescribed Marijuana and don't abuse it you are still in good standing with the Church and go to the Temple. I was told by my Bishop that if it was legal in TN and I could get a prescription for I could use it for my chronic back pain.

  2. G-d speaks to us everyday especially at night, the same lesser stars (supposed) to rule you at night, the same wisdom at night, the same sign in heaven, the same ministering angels, same glory from G-d, the same Holy Spirit (Native American knew the sky), and the same kingdom of heaven gospel Jesus Christ taught. Hebrews is the source of the Holy Bible, you cannot fully understand anything without understanding the source. There is more to Hebrews other than it is translated to English. Hebrew alphabet is an visual language in shapes from constellation within constellation. The bigger picture the constellations (group of stars characters) itself in few, not far apart, and in narratives confirm the words of the Holy Bible. Heaven does testify of Jesus Christ, and constellations is the key to revelation and many books in the Holy Bible. Use the key words : astral origin of the Hebrew alphabet (use image search on bing.com). G-d gracefully write the word in heaven for everyone to see, there will be no excuse that most men had access to the stars, and the basis is the Holy Bible speaks of heaven in our constellation in narratives of an few in an row match the scriptures, the same everlasting gospel (it has not changed ever since creation), and it is the unwritten gospel in visual form. This give the scripture Matthews 6:33 the real meaning : But seek ye first the kingdom of G-d, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Offend neither the Jews nor the Gentiles by respecting the Jews in humbling G-d name.
    You will not find book of mormon written in heaven like the Holy Bible does. G-d cannot lie! Galatians warns of another gospel because it has no light in them (constellation references). If your book of mormon claim divine authority of G-d, his words are already written, and if not found in heaven are Accursed.

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