Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona)

Largest Aeroponic Cannabis Farm in World: Aeriz (Phoenix, Arizona) ‘Aeriz’ is a cannabis grow operation located in Phoenix, Arizona that grows 100% …


  1. Great Episode. Deep roots has toured through some great grow-ops. Aeriz definitely has one of the most unique growing processes, and would love to try their flower. As always the production quality was top notch and Cameron always asks great questions and does great as the host. Looking forward to future deep roots episodes…

  2. I have tried the aero/hydro flower it seems like it's just lacking something compared to the regular stuff grown in soil. I don't know what it is but there is something to it

  3. Love when people say they “flush” the plant lol it’s not a sponge you can squeeze things out of once you put nutes in there in the plant all you can do is hope your plant is cured properly for taste ,flushing only weakens terps as you bask my stave your plant for one to two weeks.

  4. Love this aeroponics system and the concept of flushing roots at 0ppm. The mini joints are a baller idea. This company looks like it will be around for awhile.
    Also pretty sure Cameron has invented his own style of bowl cut; formal, but he's here to party. Props. Like others have said, always good questions from Cam. Another great episode in the books.

  5. I'm from SLC, UT. We've been medically legal for 2 years now. I also work at a cannabis dispensary as a pharmacy agent. It quite frankly blows my mind that Aeriz uses and has such success with this system. This is the future, congratulations Aeriz, cheers!

  6. Hey brah, I’m sure your cool and all, a man of many talents; however, do us both a favor and call your weed bud, not flower, we are both grown men. I, in return, will cease with the run-on sentences. Good day and God Save the Queen!!!

  7. Flushing isn’t a real thing. Jonathan Stemeroff proved that in his thesis at University of Guelph. And flushing HPA is absurd. Also, they should differentiate between low pressure and high pressure aero. If they are only doing high pressure in veg and propagation, and low pressure in flower, they aren’t really doing actual aeroponics. Why in the hell you would do such a thing is a real head scratcher to me. They also seemed to have their mist durations on for way too long. They only need 1-3 seconds. Calling this aero isn’t all that kind to the actual HPA growers out there. Maybe I’m just a hater, idk

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