1. He's great. Love that authetic east coast vibe mixed w west coast relaxed persona. His knowldege is in tbe beyond. His experiences and ability to ideas almost tangible. Hes a Gem

  2. Cannot get a license, looking for property in another county.. Local "medical" growers are struggling/disappearing/no way for locals to profit :/ Not to mention increased crime/meth, I've had to put cameras everywhere 7K worth of stuff stolen from my property in the last year.

  3. ty kevin i learned a lot from you,,,,i got 10 strains i can legally work here in Canada i got seeds from Tweed before they reduced to only 2 strains i saved them i knew they were going to pull them out,,,,,i was told i do what i wanted with these i beening having tons of set baks but i found one that got all the traits ,pest, root resistance clones in 10 days

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