Ken Domik & Paul in "Merry Covid Christmas Ya Filthy Animals!"

Ken and Paul outside the Tickled Toad during the pandemic. This is a “dubbed” satirical take on a hypothetical conversation given Ken doesn’t give a crap about …


  1. Can’t believe a channel thats dedicated to destroying someone’s career and life would delete a comment calling them out. Oh wait, that’s exactly what I’d expect from someone as pathetic as this. Too ashamed to even use their real voice.

  2. And it’s been almost 3 weeks since Ken did a “charity” livestream, he donated to the Barrie Foodbank but no mention of helping frontline workers via the tickled toad with his Bf Paul.

  3. Nothing to see here folks. Just two master level charlatan snake oil salesmen trying to swindle their inbred low IQ hick fans for some extra Christmas money. I can hear James Baxter and his googley eye already opening his PayPal.

    Ken is such a numbskull. The best part is, he already is wearing the mask wrong in the beginning of the video, and then just says fuck it halfway through.

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